Google Nearby

One of the most cool things about Google+ is the Nearby Stream, too bad it’s just working on your mobile phone, wouldn’t it be great to view the nearby stream on your computer?!

Well you can! just open you browser and navigate to:

First time your browser will ask to use your location:

Chrome example:


Firefox Example:

Once you approved your browser to use your location which is actually your ISP location you can navigate to the Nearby stream:

Now you can listen, enjoy and participate in your public Nearby stream:

Firefox Nearby:

With Firefox the Google+ mobile page which the nearby stream is of course a part of, has some bugs in how it handle the page but still it is usable and can be surf throw very easily.

If you think you had enough and you want to remove your location from google services here is how you do that:

With Chrome:

Click the wrench icon  on the browser toolbar.

Select Options (Preferences on Mac and Linux; Settings on a Chromebook).

Click the Under the Hood tab.

Click Content settings (Privacy section).

In the page that appears, scroll down to the “Location” section.

Click Manage exceptions to remove previously-granted permissions for specific sites

With Firefox:

Navigate to the site to which you’ve given permission

Go to the Tools menu, then select Page Info

Select the Permissions tab

Change the setting for Share Location